Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Remarkable Women

The World Union of Catholic Women Organization (WUCWO) is a group dedicated to unify women around the world in religious, educational, social and service activities for the glory of God. I was surprised when I found out the organization exists in Damongo, Ghana, my hometown.

The Diocese of Damongo hosted a conference the weekend of November 29 - December 1, 2019. I helped with the affair. Honestly, I never thought we could pull it off. Four hundred women were expected to attend. Women travelled from parishes up to four hours away. Not only did we have to provide sleeping quarters, but we had to feed them. Feed 400? Without stoves or ovens? How were a few women going to prepare meals for so many?

Women in Ghana are incredibly hard working. They were able to do what I felt was impossible, and do it without any sign of stress. Amazing! Enjoy the videos and pictures I took of these remarkable women.

The process begins by preparing ingredients that will make up the sauce (soup) served with the meal. We all know any good soup begins with garlic and onions.

No stove? So how do you cook sauce?

The meal will consist of the sauce eaten with T Zed, a mixture of ground maze (corn) and water.

Wooden spoons here are a bit larger than we are used to.

So is there any protein in the sauce? Of course there is, nothing other than chopped up cow’s head. Don’t worry, it was cooked well.

Next the women put the maze, which now has a consistency between porage and bread dough, into plastic bags. This “dumpling “ will be dipped into the sauce when eaten with the meal. I will show you how in the last video.

And what better way to end the first night of a conference than with dancing.

So how is soup with T Zed eaten? Well, just know no utensils are needed.

We pulled it off, the conference was a success!

This blog is dedicated to Dr. Stephen Mills and the staff at Excela Health, Latrobe, PA. Thank you for being avid blog fans. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your world Karen. We check every week to see if you have updated. Your work is amazing and you are an inspiration


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